Welcome to the World Open Space on Open Space 2020

29.–31. October 2020 in Berlin


WOSonOS 2022

21 October 2021

Dear OS Community worldwide!

The sponsor team for the WOSonOS 2020 gathered to get our mind around the issue. We came up with the following outcome:

- we'll check the availability in 2022 of our original venue
- if they will be free we would be happy to host WOSonOS 2022 in Berlin
- you will find all new information on this website, which will eventually be forwarded to the new website for the event.

In short, there is a chance that WOSonOS 2022 will be held in Berlin, Germany and wer are looking forward to it.

Take good care and stay well,
Dietmar, Jo, Julia, Juliane - WOSonOS sponsor team
boscop and reinblau cooperatives, berlin

Coronavirus Update

5 May 2020

Dear OS Community worldwide!

Whatever happens is the only thing that could have… We hereby inform you – with regret, let’s say it once before we look forward – that we decided to stop the preparation of the WOSonOS 2020 planned to be held October 29 through 31, 2020.

After a careful review of the current circumstances and the possible developments of the COVID-19 pandemia we came to the conclusion that we can not held the event as planned. At the moment it would be unrealistic to conduct the event in a face-to-face format in fall 2020 here in Berlin. We as the sponsor and all those who want to participate and would have to book their trip in advance would be left with the cancellation costs.

The alternative option to hold the WOSonOS as an online event instead is clearly not our choice. For us this would be a different meeting than the one we are entrusted with, and we have no passion to do it online.

The ones who already registered, 43 participants from Iceland, France, Canada, Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Sweden, US, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, Switzerland and Germany, are already informed personally and their participation fees will be fully refunded.

Next steps: We are currently checking the option to postpone the WOSonOS to 2021. Therefore it would be helpful to know whether a designated team for 2021 already exists? If so, please contact us and we will figure out where the next WOSonOS will take place. Our preparations are on a hold – and whenever the time is right we (and the venue manager) are ready to invite you to Berlin. It is still a wonderful place to get in touch in Open Space on Open Space and we appreciate the opportunity to host it whenever it starts.

Take good care and stay well,
Dietmar, Jo, Julia, Juliane - WOSonOS sponsor team
boscop and reinblau cooperatives, berlin

Icon Tickets

Tickets are available now at standard, reduced and sponsoring rates. We have reserved a limited number of rooms at the venue, which can be booked together with the tickets.

Icon Venue

The WOSonOS 2020 will take place in the beautiful and modern Youth Hostel Berlin Ostkreuz near Ostkreuz station, in Berlins vital and creative central district Friedrichshain. The venue is barrier-free, freshly renovated and well equipped for workshops and conferences.

Icon Stay
Where to stay

At the venue a limited number of single and double rooms are available with the ticket registration. Besides, there are plenty of hotels in different categories nearby. Please check here for a list of hotels within walking distance.

About Open Space

"...At the end of the day Open Space Technology is not about having great meetings. Nor is it simply another tool in the facilitators’ tool box, although both are doubtless true. For me the true equity I find in OST is the ongoing natural experiment and learning experience of living intentionally in a self-organizing world." (Harrison Owen, 2009)

To see where Open Space Technology is being used go to: Open Space World Map or Open Space Worldscape. To learn more about Open Space visit OpenSpaceWorld.


The WOSonOS team is happy to issue an official letter of invitation to registered attendees who must obtain a visa for travel to Germany. Please contact Bettina via E-Mail at visa@wosonos2020.berlin.

Who's inviting you

Group Photo: Representatives from boscop and reinblau

boscop here represented by Jo Töpfer and Mia Konstantinidou and Reinblau represented by Dietmar Gigler and Julia Kliemann (fLTR). Missing on the picture is Juliane Ade (boscop).

The city of Berlin is a vivid Open Space destination with a vibrant community of practitioners. We will be happy to welcome you and contribute our best to make your visit to Berlin a memorable event.

The WOSonOS 2020 is hosted by boscop and reinblau – two Berlin based cooperatives which have been using Open Space extensively in their everyday work for many years and collaborate with each other on various projects.


Portrait of co-inviter
Bhavesh Patel


Portrait of co-inviter
Karolina Iwa


Portrait of co-inviter
Bogdan Maslych


Portrait of co-inviter
Christine Koehler


Portrait of co-inviter
Jon Harvey


Portrait of co-inviter
Myriane Ouellette


Portrait of co-inviter
Thomas Herrmann


Portrait of co-inviter
Tonnie van der Zouwen


Portrait of co-inviter
Harold Shinsato


Portrait of co-inviter
Chris M. Altmikus